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Taxation of

International Taxation

International Tax Planning and Consulting Service

The firm provides its Italian and international clients with a complete assistance in the field of international taxation, both in terms of direct taxes, both for the Value Added Tax and other indirect taxes.

The firm, being a member of Integra International, an international association made ​​up of more than 110 international firms from over 60 countries, specialized in tax consulting, can provide its Clients with tax assistance integrated into an international context.

International Intra-group Transactions (Transfer Pricing)

The tax considerations relating to the sale of goods or intra-group services in harmony with the principles that govern the transfer pricing even in specific areas are analyzed.

Company Valuation

In the life of an organisation, there may be some periods when a valuation of the economic value of its equity or of its assets may be required. In today’s competitive scenarios, company valuations have turned into an issue which the professionals supporting companies must deal with more and more often.

Company valuations are an activity involving not only accounting but also fiscal, legal, environmental, geographic and market-related aspects.

Studio Pomara Scibetta & Partners has fulfilled many roles requiring company valuations.

In particular, the company has provided valuations as required by the law:

  • In the event of company transfer operations or company transformation
  • For the revaluation of shareholdings
  • Following the withdrawal of shareholders
  • Voluntary valuations in the event of trading transactions of shares or stakes or businesses – either domestic or foreign

Extraordinary Operations – M&A

Extraordinary Operations and Corporate Reorganizations

The firm is able to provide assistance on tax and corporate issues of special operations such as:

  • Acquisitions / sales of investments, companies and businesses;
  • Mergers, divisions, contributions, transformations and liquidations;
  • Operations on real property.

Corporate Finance

Company valuation; deal structuring, and establishment of “funding” and capital management policies.

Private Equity

The firm has a considerable experience in the private equity sector, assisting the private equity funds in acquisitions, both majority and minority, in close coordination with professionals of fiscal, regulatory, antitrust and finance areas, in the definition of related shareholder agreements and in the regulation and implementation of the next release.

Family Office & Trust Services

Family Office is called upon to act professionally to ensure a conscious consideration in the management of consolidated family assets by controlling risk, planning results and helping the family to identify the intangible values code, capable of protecting family identity over time, so that every generation can act as guardian of the next generation.

Family Office values: Knowledge – Awareness – Sustainability

Corporate Consulting Service and Taxation

Corporate Statutory Consulting Service

The firm assists clients in the establishment and management of companies, preparation of financial statements, related reports, and legal formalities.

Fiscal Advice

The firm assists clients in asset management and obtainment of corporate financial resources, both for real estate and securities investments. Creation of the clients’ risk-return profile, support in the creation of strategic asset allocation, selection of investment products.

Tax and Corporate Consulting Service

Assistance in the taxation of Italian companies and Italian subsidiaries of foreign companies wishing to have customized tax assistance to support them in the ordinary business management activities and in their strategic and organizational decisions.

In this context, the permanent advice of direct and indirect taxes, financial statement and corporate aspects, as well as the legal opinions on such matters are included.

Tax Planning

The goal is to develop innovative solutions that, in compliance with the regulations, enable clients to optimize their legal and fiscal framework in line with the evolution of their industrial or commercial activities.

Audit and Internal Control Systems for Companies and Groups

Statutory Audit

The main services offered by the Firm to its clients are:

  • Statutory audit;
  • Voluntary audit of the financial and consolidated statement;
  • Limited audit of the interim report and other interim financial reports;
  • Fair valuation provided by law;
  • Agreed Upon Procedures (audit procedures agreed with the customer).

Internal Audit

The firm assists its clients in the internal audit procedures in order to assist the company’s management, to:

  • Ensure effective corporate management;
  • Ensure accurate financial statements;
  • Effectuate the conditions for ongoing maximization of both organizational efficacy and efficiency.

The firm assists its clients in integrating methodologies and tools for effective / efficient control action to constantly protect the Company’s internal control system, with the view to the Creation of Value, which translates into:

  • Reducing capital requirements for unexpected losses: measuring and managing operational risk. Analysis of the processes, relations / risks / controls for identifying audit priorities and improvement of the internal control system;
  • Reducing the cost of the audit according to risk: risk-based process-driven analysis approach. The process-driven approach allows to evaluate the adequacy and functionality of the internal control system to guard against the risks that can affect and impair the ability to achieve the objectives set; therefore, the field of operations includes all the different business processes.

Litigation and Litigation Support

Tax Litigation

The firm has extensive experience in assisting and representing clients in tax disputes before tax commissions.

Questioning and Assistance in Relations with Tax Authorities

The firm assists its clients in questioning procedures with tax authorities according to issues related to anti-circumvention legislation, controlled foreign companies and other.

The assistance also covers the pre-litigation phase, which aims to prevent or resolve potential disputes even through alternative dispute-resolving procedures with provision of settlement agreements and acts of extrajudicial conciliation.

Legal Litigation Support

The firm assists its clients in respect of any litigation in civil, commercial and administrative matters pending before the courts, including Arbitration.


Real Estate

The Firm advises major national and international investors and operators, operating in the Italian real estate market. In the context of rapid development of the sector, the firm has offered its consulting services in complex real estate transactions also in the commercial and hotel sectors.

In particular, the Firm provides assistance at every stage of operations focused on the acquisition, divestiture and enhancement of properties, carried out by direct purchase or real estate companies, or through funds; the firm takes care of the legal aspects of the acquisition financial structure and the management and lease contracts.

Taxation of Individuals

Tax Planning of Individuals

We assist individuals in the resolution of tax issues related to transfer of residence, the sale of participations, financial investments and the optimization of personal taxation.

Organization of Family Heritage

In this area we deal with tax and corporate aspects connected with the management, protection and the generational transfer of family wealth.


Assistance in setting up Trust and other structures of segregation of personal assets.